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Federal Information Technology (FIT) Sourcing is an organization providing all IT Governance solutions. It was formed by the CEO of CMB, Olivia Stallings, and ZenFederal, Janelle Moore.

Olivia Stallings established Capital Management Business (CMB) LLC in 2015, after formerly being a Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) subject-matter expert (SME) for 19 years as consultant to the federal government, private sector, and individual investment portfolio.

Over the years, she has developed many business and financial business models, to drive performance and realize return on investments for local businesses, private clients, and the federal government. In the last two years, she focused primarily on developing a strategic way to ensure that her clients are operating with core quality assurance, and employing risk avoidance capabilities for the best business and financial results.

Her motto is, the clients come first, and meeting their expectations is the company’s infrastructure foundation. She is driven by IT solutions, automation, Section 508 compliance, and enterprise-wide solutions for transparency of services delivered for her clients.

Janelle B. Moore-Talbot is the General Manager for Project Management Optimization at ARDX®. With over 25 years of expertise in the federal healthcare and information technology (IT) sectors, she brings deep-seeded acumen and professional experience to one of the most in-demand managed services industry needs.

Ms. Moore-Talbot has dedicated 15 years of her federal tenure to public-private partnerships and continuing professional development of niche talent in the federal government.

Ms. Moore-Talbot’s extensive credentials and accolades include a Master of Science, Information Management from Syracuse University; CIO Certificate, General Services Administration; CIO Certificate, National Defense University; Master’s in Information Assurance, as well as a Master’s in Federal Executive Competencies from the National Defense University.